About us    

The  Charity Society  in Sigulda "Nāc gaismā" (come in light)  was founded on 1st December 2014 .

Primarily we have decided to help raising quality of life of our county residents, and of course, we will not turn our back to other county residents who will need our help.

Our purposes are:

  • To popularize the charity and selfless gratuitous aid work in society .
  • To improve the public understanding and to involve the parties in caring for the environment and for improving persons living conditions.
  • Material and financial goods fundraising for charitable purposes.
  • To support and raise social welfare of persons (pensioners, disabled people, orphans, poor persons, homeless persons, unemployed persons, persons in a crisis situation) as well as low-income families and families with many children.
  • To organize, support and manage educational, cultural growth and Christian values incentive events by involving public, humanitarian, charitable, medical, religious organizations and foundations, companies and organizations, individuals and sponsors and attracting their attention to the need in solving social and economic problems.
  • To receive humanitarian aid, including from abroad, and giving it to the needy persons.
  • To develop charity projects, to attract funding and to realize projects.
  • To organize sports, health, disease prevention and rehabilitation promoting events.
  • Social adaptation of children - for the orphanage, boarding school students.
  • To help people in a crisis situation by providing them temporary home.
  • To defend the rights and interests of those who require social protection and assistance.
  • To develop and implement projects involving people in the life of society.
  • To work on social assistance and jobs finding matters, to organize training and requalification.
  • Legal assistance for issues related to human rights violations.
  • Supporting of orphans and needy young people and their education efforts (youth programs, scholarships, etc.).
  • To identify and collect donations for the treatment of certain serious illnesses affected people.
  • To develop projects for establishment of society kindergartens, homes for the elderly and crisis centers.

Society "Nāc gaismā"     (+371) 26185611  -  nacgaisma@gmail.com
https://www.facebook.com/nacgaisma (FB site) -   https://www.facebook.com/groups/nacgaisma/ (FB group)
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